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Smart Camera

Camera with built in algorithms to detect objects and create triggers

Object Detection

Camera automatically detects objects based on pre configured baseline data by machine learning. e.g Human, Cars etc.

Object Classification

Classification is carried out on the objects detected. e.g Big Car, Small Car etc.


Based on pre-configured rules, system generates triggers by calls, sms , email or web service.


Smart Camera Application & Use Cases


Automated Number Plate Recognition system automatically detects vehicle number plates and extracts the vehicle registration number.

Traffic Monitoring

Classification and statistical analysis of traffic along roads, highways for traffic optimization and automation of signals.


Detection of suspicious objects and anomalies within a camera view range. Generate triggers based on configurations.


Qubit helps businesses to design and implement custom Smart Camera solutions.


We design, develop and deliver hardware devices capable of communicating with cloud servers. The hardware device may interface with sensors like Temperature, Pressure, Air Quality or Water Quality etc.


Firmware is the soul that enables a piece of electronic circuitry to come alive and execute the instructions given to it. At Qubit, we have an expert firmware development team who program the hardware designed and developed in house.


We design and develop the user interface (UI) that the customer uses to communicate with the physical hardware device. It could be a mobile application or a web portal that accepts configuration and/or displays information.


We partner with enterprises for implementation of Smart Camera solutions by providing periodic maintenance and technical support for smooth and accurate operation of the systems.


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