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High accuracy (2.5m CEP) , L1 Band (1575.42MHz) GPS tracking system for real time movement tracking and speed monitoring.

Built on IoT ( Internet of Things ) to work seamlessly with sensors for temperature, acceleration, shock and human presence.

Ignition and AC running status monitoring, SOS Buttons and Remote Immobilization kit.

Geo-Fencing, Over Speed Alerts, Trip Sharing, Trip Monitoring, AC & Ignition Time Story, Location & Trip History.

Made in India.
1 year free subscription. 24x7 Customer support.


QTRACK Performance




Speed Accuracy (m/sec)


Data Interval (sec)


TTFF (Sec)


Real Time Tracking

Fast update intervals. See your vehicle live in your control panel. Update intervals are configured by the customer according the needs.

Speed Monitoring

Monitor the driving pattern of your vehicle by keeping an eye on speed. Now you are notified about over speeding based on speed limits configured.

Geo Fencing

Impose rules on the geography of the vehicle. QTRACK allows you to attach multiple Geo fences to one single vehicle. When vehicles goes in or comes out of the geo fences, customers are updated by notifications.

Trip Sharing

With QTRACK you can share the live status of the vehicle with your customers. It allows you to share the status for a specific time with the flexibility of revoking access.

Easy Reporting

Easy and meaningful reporting of the vehicle location history in the form of time story. Reporting interface helps to analyze stoppages, speed and movement on both tabular and map format.


Remote Immobilization Kit enables customers to control their vehicle engine remotely. SOS buttons are installed with GPS to report any emergency.

QTrack Login

Login to your QTrack control panel.

QTrack 2.0



100 gm




850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

GPS Chip


GPS accuracy

< 2.5m CEP

Power Supply

5.0v ~ 24.0v

GPS sensitivity

L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)

Tracking Channel

22 (Tracking) / 66 (Acquisition)

Time To First Fix

Cold Start : < 35s,
Warm Start : < 5s,
Hot Start : <1s

One Year Warranty

One year replacement warranty. It is recommended to install QTRACK by trained professionals only.

Flexi Subscription

One Year subscription free with the purchase of new QTRACK. Second year onward customers can pick and choose subscription model based on usage.


QTRACK offers flexibility and customization of both hardware and software for enterprise editions. Get in touch with the technical team for more details.